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Great Device

I appreciated the previous review in making my purchase and after using this for a couple of months now I can only echo the review. This has worked flawlessly in connecting both my Lumix G80 and my Sony HVR-V1 to my computer for video streaming. I have been using my Sony as my webcam for long periods on zoom and for recording live streams in OBS without a glitch. Video and sound quality is excellent. And as previously reviewed, the design of this device is great.

Vincent Brice | 1st June 2020

HDMI to USB 3.0 Video Capture Device

This has worked really really well with my new, at home, video streaming set up. Having to take my business on line quickly I came across this HDMI to USB 3.0 Video Capture Device by chance and am so glad that I did.
The build quality is really sturdy with an aluminium body and the connection port is secure once the HDMI cable is inserted.
It has allowed me to stream live video through Zoom via a camcorder. The quality is good and I can also switch to the camcorder mic as primary audio too via this card, a bonus as my computer mic is not the best .Brilliant!

Matthew Hague | 1st June 2020

A step up from a camlink 1080 p

I bought one of these because camlink stopped making the 1080p model and the software I use it with couldn't cope with the 4 k version for some odd reason . But having tested both the 1080 p and the Lindy all I can say is the Lindy connects better and is more user friendly as it has a separate plug for the USB . Unlike the camlink which has the plug as part of the unit ,and once the hdmi cable is plugged in becomes top heavy . The Lindy is also half the price of the original camlink . It has connected to everything I've tested on it flawlessly. Inc dslr GoPro Sony hdr Panasonic G5 . In fact anything with a clean hdmi out . Plus the customer service from an ISO registered company like Lindy .is second to none . Don't buy a cheap Chinese one . Just try this they have a great returns policy . Not that I've ever needed it . You realy can't loose . Highly recommend.

Mike ridge | 16th February 2020
HDMI to USB 3.0 Video Capture Device