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Simple solution to connecting your guitar to your computer

I bought the cable to connect an electric guitar to my new MacBook Pro as I wanted to try doing some recording using GarageBand. The long and the short of it is that it works, it's really easy to use and the sound quality is pretty decent.
The reason why I have knocked off one star is that it seems to be quite sensitive to electromagnetic interference. When I first connected the cable to my MacBook there was quite bad white noise which I discovered was due to interference from the Mac's power cable, so I can only use it on battery power. I also got quite bad interference from energy saving lightbulbs, so I ended up recording a track more or less in the dark, lit only by the computer's screen.
One other note - the pdf guide provided by Lindy on how to use the cable with GarageBand may be slightly confusing if you are using GarageBand '11 as the layout and content of some dialog boxes have changed.
Overall though, I would definitely recommend this product as a good value, simple solution to connecting your guitar to your computer.

Philip | 4th March 2013
USB Guitar Cable, 5m