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Neat, quick, complete, USB switching - should have got it years ago!

With one PC, a laptop and three printers I often wondered how to simplify USB connections. With a new PC requiring several weeks of parallel operation I had to simplify the spiders web of cabling. A switchable USB hub with 2 PC inputs and 4 USB outputs is almost ideal.

I was nervous about whether my new PC (Windows 8) could recognise the printers beyond the hub. They had to be switched on (of course!) to be recognised. Then immediate hookup - no need to load device drivers.
In fact it came with more than I expected - it included 2 PC to USB B cables as well. I had ordered these as well. Product info could make this clearer.

Result now excellent switchable system - only one of two that I could find, the other with bad reviews.

Ideally the same with 3 inputs and PC-controlled switching would be perfect to plug in the laptop without unplugging one of the PCs. But this will do fine. Incidentally well packaged and prompt delivery. Thank you Lindy UK.

David Williams | 18th June 2013
USB 2.0 Sharing Hub