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Also in the box...

I ordered mine from Amazon, and the box I received had 4 HDMI cable and 4 USB cables - even though these didn't appear in the 'Box Contains' section of the description. So you might want to not order a load of extra cables: I have several spare HDMI cables now!
Anyway, the device is now connected to:
+ A Windows PC
+ A Linux PC
+ A Raspberry Pi
+ An ageing DTV HDD recorder
All routed to a Samsung S27D590C and a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse set.
It all works well, although the PCs don't seem to detect the EDID properly unless booted with the KVM set to display them during boot (but then several KVMs I've used have this feature). I don't know whether it's supposed to replicate the EDID to the input ports - the description doesn't say anything about it, so probably not.
The built in USB soundcard worked OK when it tried it, but I don't normally use it (all my audio is routed though a small HW mixer). The PCs & Pi all detected it OK.
The case is metal (sheet steel I think), so it's pretty rugged. The sockets are not absolutely top notch stuff, but neither are they cheap and nasty. They look as though they'll be fine for a box you're likely to plug in and mostly leave alone.
All in all, very pleased with it so far.

HoHum | 18th January 2016
4 Port KVM Switch - HDMI, USB 2.0 & Audio