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An adaptable adapter!

This item was chosen because it was, amongst other systems, listed for use on Win95. There are similar items available but very few list Win95 as a host operating system. Because the 'Lindy' price is higher than other adapters further research is needed to test other items if Win95 is your platform of choice.

The adapter worked first time in a similar way to a hard drive: you need to reboot when the CF drive is added. Unlike a traditional hard drive the card + the adapter can be removed without re-booting.

As the laptop in question does not have a CD-drive (although it has the ability to run an external CD ROM) this adapter is being used with an 8GB Cf card, which complements the 20GB partitioned hard drive. This is now a fast and efficient way of loading and sharing information.

John Williams | 4th March 2013
PCMCIA Compact Flash Adapter Card