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Awsome Fix

I had a huge problem for months!!My new Sony 4k TV would speak to my sound bar through Arc, hence no sound! ONLY WHEN I TURNED OFF AND ON THEN PUT THE HDMI CABLE BACK IN! I changed the sound bar 5 times .Sony didnt know what the problem was, nor did their Tec Guys! This went on for 5 months! Nightmare! This little gem when recommended to me..solved the problem in 1 secound! amazing! Very very happy!

Recardo | 8th September 2020

A simple solution to an irritating problem

CEC can be a pain sometimes. I bought an LG Blu-Ray player and connected it to a JVC TV with a soundbar. All was well until I switched off the Blu-Ray - and the sound then came out of the TV's own speakers as well as the soundbar. It sounded very odd indeed! I had a hunch that this was a CEC problem, so I bought the CEC Less Adapter. Now CEC is switched off and there are no more problems.

David Picton | 1st June 2020

An extremely simple solution to a mind-boggling problem!

I'd been having all sorts of problems with my new home cinema setup. The Sony TV wouldn't send sound to the Onkyo receiver unless the Humax PVR was brought out of standby. If the Humax was switched back to standby the TV sound would stop after 5 minutes with a message about a "communication failure".
Someone on forum suggested this little adaptor would solve the problem, which it did. Everything now works exactly how I want it to work.
Even better, the adaptor arrived the day after I ordered it.

Matthew B | 10th February 2017

Good Experience

Bought this Gizmo from Lindy. It does exactly what what it is advertised as doing every time I power up my TV and PVR which make sit good value for money. The item arrived earlier than the expected date of delivery - i hate it when goods arrive later - I want them to arrive on or before the due date so excellent service . Thank You.

Andrew | 24th February 2015
HDMI CEC Less Adapter, Female to Male