National Apprenticeship Week 2017

National Apprenticeship Week celebrates its 10th anniversary this week and LINDY UK are strong advocates of this career route.
LINDY’s apprenticeship programmes commenced in 2012 and have been an ongoing success for both the company and those that have taken part in it.

All our apprentices have been a valuable addition to LINDY during and after completion of their training, and are able to use their skills in assisting LINDY to achieve customer satisfaction and implement our mission and vision statements.

We started with Alex Rambert who is now a key member of the UK sales admin team. Initially he started in our technical department and is now putting his technical expertise to use while assisting the UK sales team.
From this successful beginning we were encouraged to take on more apprentices and not just in our technical team. The programme progressed into the marketing department and our latest recruit is in Operational Support.

Currently we have four full time employees who started their career path at LINDY as apprentices – Alex Rambert (UK Sales Admin), Andy Pugmurr (Graphic Designer), Guy Mawson (Technical Support Engineer) and Adam Hinchley (Technical Support Apprentice).
In addition we have Thomas Crossan who has recently joined us as Operational Support Apprentice.

We are delighted with the quality of our apprentices  and they have constantly achieved distinctions in their accreditations while excelling in their work observations.
To witness the growth of these green, enthusiastic individuals with a great thirst for knowledge into employees who are able to contribute significantly to the LINDY business is a privilege to observe.

To lead by example is a phrase often used, but that which few can achieve.
Our in house supervisors are supremely excellent and should take the credit for growing and encouraging the apprentices into integral, honest and professionally competent employees.
The external trainers and assessors whom we partner with always praise their work ethos, attention to detail and the quality of the day to day supervision. This high praise and feedback from an external provider is important and allows us to monitor the effectiveness of our programmes.

With strong competition for good apprentices and companies vying for candidates, it is gratifying to hear LINDY is recognised as one of the organisations they all want to work at.