Celebrating Our Staff Achievements At LINDY

As part of our on going programme of development, LINDY committed to internal training for our Warehouse team and both the UK and International Sales team.  We are delighted to be able to present the formal certificates to the following LINDY employees:
UK Sales – Paul Hayes and Nicola Gray
International Sales – Michael Dunn and Lizzie Burbidge.
Warehouse – Steve McLean, Colin McLean, Craig Hollingshead and Nigel Bailey.

Well done to our excellent warehouse team, who have completed training on warehousing and storage.
This training was done in house and the employees had to also give up some of their own time to successfully complete the modules, a great part was concentrating on Health and Safety and efficiencies.
They all passed with flying colours – LINDY colours!
On our popular recruitment days, candidates often comment upon how tidy and efficient the warehouse is compared to other companies.  A well deserved compliment from visitors to our company.
We are all proud of our team who contribute to the success of our sales by ensuring orders are dispatched and received by our valued customers.

UK Sales:
One of our account managers, Nicola Gray along with Paul Hayes our New Business Development Manager completed and passed a sales NVQ qualification.
Although this was an academic course, it was a formal accreditation of their already recognised talents in the UK Sales Team.

International Sales:
Our sales support team in International also passed their NVQ in Sales, Lizzie Burbidge and Michael Dunn, back up the International Sales team with their excellent administration skills.

Now with this formal qualification they can continue the excellent sense of team work we all have at LINDY.