Using the LINDY USB Guitar Cable with Garageband ’11




Setting up our USB Guitar Cable with Garageband ’11 couldn’t be easier…

Before launching Garageband, first plug the USB Guitar Cable into a spare USB port on your Mac. We recommend you plug directly into a port on the Mac rather than a USB hub.

You should see the blue LED illuminate on the Guitar Cable’s USB connector.

Plug the cable into your guitar.

Now launch Garageband. Select New Project and then choose the Electric Guitar option.

From the next option you can name your project. Once the project has loaded, you should see this message:

Click Yes to select “Generic USB Audio Device” (i.e. the USB Guitar Cable).

IMPORTANT! By default, Garageband will automatically select this device for both input and output. To actually hear your guitar you must change the output to a different device!

To do this, go to the the Garageband menu, select Preferences and click the Audio/Midi tab. Change the default from Generic USB Audio Device to the device you’d like to use on your Mac. For instance, Built-in Output to use the Mac’s onboard speaker:

This message will appear:

Click Yes.

Now you should be able to play and hear your guitar. If you can’t hear anything, make sure the Monitor On icon is selected. You can check it here…

…or by clicking on the amp in the right hand side window. You can also change the Noise Gate threshold here to reduce any buzz you might be experiencing, especially if you’re using single coil pickups:

If you experience latency problems (where the sound you hear is fractionally after you hit the strings), a good tip is to hit record, wait a few seconds and then press stop. Try playing again and the latency should be gone!

Note: For instructions for earlier versions of Garageband, see our post here.

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