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Superb, robust, practical noise cancelling speakers

These headphones were a replacement for my excellent but fragile nc40s. The noise reduction of these is on a par with the nc40s and speaking as a very regular flyer they do an excellent job of blocking out unwanted sound intrusion, however where they really excel is in terms of sound reproduction. The nc60 is streets ahead of the nc40 with rich, but not overpowering bass, clear and detailed mid range and elegant treble that seems to suit all genres including the spoken word.
Finally, a few words about build quality. The nc60s are simply superb when compared to the nc40s. From the beautiful hard case and quality cables and connectors, up to the outstanding soft touch materials of the headphones themselves I cannot praise them enough. At this price point they represent ridiculous value.
As a person who has used these headphones daily whilst travelling over several months I can assure potential buyers that they will not be disappointed. They are practical, comfortable and produce great audio quality.
Buy them!

Greg Riley-Smith | 2nd January 2018
NC-60 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones