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Straightforward yet effective

Very easy to set up, just plug in and go. More complicated if you want to use multiple pairs over the same network, but with a little care still quite easy. It would be nice if each receiver could be 'paired' with a particular transmitter. Also if there were some kind of indicator on each unit to denote successful connection. On the whole, very good for the price.

Mark Lucas | 27th June 2019

Works well, but not plug and play

These work really well, but you need to know how to install them. The transmitter is multicast broadcast, this means it will broadcast the encoded signal to all devices on the network. This can slow down some devices even though the broadcast is not meant for them ... to stop this you really need to use these as a point to point system using a single Cat5 / 6 cable or use a smart network switch capable of VLAN, this will separate the data from the transmitter and your regular network traffic. I would suggest connecting the transmitter and receiver to the same network switch. I believe the encoding is 80Mbps which is sufficient. You may notice some artefacts in fast moving scenes, but at this price it is acceptable. I would recommend HDBaseT for point to point solutions, but as a point to multi solution it is excellent value for money.

Steve Mclean | 21st February 2017
HDMI & IR over 100Base-T IP Extender