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The HDMI fibre extender you want for 4k

Most importantly you want this unit because the vast majority of HDMI extenders do not support full HDR (4:4:4) as this requires more than 10Gbps bandwidth, and AFAIK Netflix for example ONLY supports full HDR for 4k video playback!

They have the ability to use standard (cheap and available in most lengths) duplex LC-LC fibre optic patch cables, or even patch one of these into a one ultra-compact MTP breakout cable for 6 or 12 full duplex links in a single cable; and bog standard SFP+ (10Gbps, pretty cheap) optics, with multimode SR optics from supplied, but you can use singlemode LR optics for up to 10km of fibre between units!
Although the optics only work at 10Gbps for Ethernet, these boxes use a clever encoding scheme (like digital Satellite signals) that enables more than 10Gbps bandwidth with the same optics.

Unlike cables with integrated optics that can overheat, get damaged where the cable joins the optic, or damage the socket in your expensive equipment due to the weight of the cable or someone tripping on it, these units come with screw-down brackets, IR extenders and mains-noise-tolerant switch-mode international wall-wart type 12V DC PSUs in the box!

I have not tested the 4k capability, but these are flawless for 1080p, and eliminate ground loop issues or the signal degradation that usually occurs when you daisy-chain HDMI cables, which is a violation of the HDMI standard by the way (loss of sharpness, snow, momentary loss of sync, colour infidelity etc). The HDCP support worked fine with my Gen 1 HDTV.

A premium solution yes, but the combination of a rock-solid reliable design, ability to replace optics or cables if damaged, 100% elimination of interference, grounding, mains power noise and termination-related problems make this a very good bet for a sound and trouble-free investment that betters active cables.

Chris Gardner | 17th April 2019
300m Fibre Optic HDMI 18G & IR Extender