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Superb Value & Quality

Have had these headphones for 6 months now and still very happy with them. Quality product, sounds great and at a really good price!

Jon Jones | 24th August 2020

Excellent Design 5 *****!

Totally astounded by the quality of these, in every department!

Only the tiniest, smallest nit-picking thing I would change is the width of the volume control wheel, would be nicer to the touch if 3 x thicker!

That just proves how perfect these cans really are!

Nash | 6th February 2017

Comparitive Review NC40/BNX60/NCX100

I own three Lindy noise cancelling headphones. The Bargain NC-40 at under £40, the new BNX-60 wireless version at under £90, plus the higher fidelity Cromo NCX-100 at a little less than £96. You can find reviews on each model independently elsewhere; this is a comparative review for those wondering which to buy for long haul flights. All three cancel unwanted noise very effectively by around 80%... not much in it between the three in terms of noise cancellation in my opinion. The drone from the aircraft and any crying infants is significantly reduced to make a long flight more bearable, and when coupled with the audio you're listening to through the headphones, the result is a worthwhile experience that leaves you feeling very glad you purchased your NC headphones. So it really comes down to audio quality in choosing between them. You can pay £200-£300 for the leading brands of noise cancelling headphones and whilst some may have the edge with better noise cancellation or fidelity, you can't fault what you get from Lindy for the money. If you aren't travelling with a smart phone or MP3 player and are reliant on the aircraft's entertainment system, then you won't go far wrong with the budget NC-40's. They play audio from the in-flight entertainment system well - and you'll enjoy that movie with them more so than the airline provided headphones. You'll also benefit from a high degree of noise cancellation for a mere £40. They are light and comfortable to wear for long periods. The single AAA battery will outlast a return trip from UK to Australasia. The BNX-60's are in effect an upgraded version of the NC-40's at double the price but still a bargain at under £90. The improved audio fidelity is particularly noticeable in the mid and treble range, plus you have the benefit of blue tooth, and hands free to connect to your smart phone anywhere. They're re-chargeable yet similarly light in weight and comfortable as the NC-40's and if you own a smart phone, they are definitely worth the extra money. The NCX-100's in terms of audio quality are noticeably better. You get a much 'bigger' sound for only a few pounds more than the BNX-60's; but you loose the blue tooth connectivity. The only downside is these headphones are tighter on your head and so exert a greater pressure on your ears over time; whereas you can wear the NC-40's and BNX-60's all day, after 4hrs listening you'll want to take the NCX-100's off for a rest! If you're on a long haul flight that's a significant factor and for that reason my suggestion is to go for the very versatile BNX-60's as your affordable noise reduction travelling companion.

Richard | 9th May 2016

LINDY Response:
Great comparison review. Thanks Richard.

BNX-60 Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with aptX