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DJ-CSAR with NCX-100 Originally from Reading, DJ C-Sar quickly made a name for himself in the south west captivating crowds with his high energy behind the decks cutting, scratching, mixing and blending. C-sar’s ability to get a club bumping, has taken him around the world to play in clubs in Malia, Malta, Ayia Napa, Dubai, LA to name a but a few.

Renowned for his smooth mixing style, C-Sar wows any audience playing everything hot from RnB, hip hop, dancehall, house to soul and all that keeps the people on their toes.
In March 2015 DJ C-sar took the crown in a national DJ competition as ‘Luminar DJ Of The Year’

Having moved into making music himself, DJ C-SAR has had releases with Kele Le Roc, N -dubz, Cheryl Cole, Kelis and Jeremih and many more. If his success as a DJ is anything to go by he’s likely to make as big an impression on the production tip this year as he has on the decks.


What were your first impressions of the HF-100s?

As soon as I opened the box the first thing I thought was 'great carry case!'

Lots of cushioning and a nice handle, which is important for keeping them safe on the move. Inside the case, equally comes a nice looking set of headphones. The design is sleek, robust and well built and even feels nice to hold. The headphones come with a replaceable 3m cable with a screw detachable ¼ inch jack. Hugely useful if your monitoring station is not close, or when recording vocals in the same room.


As well as for traditional Hi-Fi home listening use, we also recommend the HF-100s for home and studio recording use because of their neutral sound signature and closed back design which reduces leakage. In your experience would you find the HF-100s useful in a recording environment?

Definitely. The
dynamic frequency response on these headphones is phenomenal for the price. Crisp and clear top end high frequencies with a rich mid range, where most other headphones at this price fail due to muddiness. The bass range is punchy and warm yet well balanced with the full frequency spectrum.

In addition, the ‘over the ear’ type cup offers a great level of outside noise cancellation, which can be especially useful to a vocalist during a recording session..







"The balance of the headphones makes them a great choice for those looking to use them for both recording and mixing purposes."

We get a lot of feedback about how comfortable the HF-100s are to wear. What are your thoughts?


Yes, the large style ‘memory foam’ cushioned ear cups make them extremely comfortable. This is an important factor when using them for a long time as many competitors’ designs that clamp down on the ear making it numb after extensive use. 

How would you sum up the HF-100s?

Well built with a great carry case! They're great for studio recording, monitoring or mixing and are especially good for everyday music listening.


LINDY would like to thank DJ-CSAR for taking the time to listen and give his thoughts about our HF-100 headphones.